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adidas P3 Rubber

Engineered for the mid-distance and off-table player, P3 supports heavy topspin shots and arc-like trajectory.

Price: $59.95

adidas P5 Rubber

Harder in density than the P3, P5  is known for its high rebound energy and speed.

Price: $64.95

adidas R4 Rubber

Recommended for the backhand, the R4 has a medium soft sponge for the all around player.

Price: $54.95

adidas R6 Rubber

The R6’s new sponge technology successfully contributes to its speed, control, and especially its sound.

Price: $59.95

JOOLA 4 All Rubber
Pips-in rubber that is great for beginners still developing their strokes.
Price: $19.95

JOOLA 4-You Rubber
Pips-in with tacky top sheet that is ideal for a developing control player.
Price: $24.95

JOOLA Amy Classic Rubber
Soft-sponge absorbs more power and spin reversal is less predictable.
Price: $59.95

JOOLA Amy Control Rubber
Harder sponge than Amy Classic, resulting in superb control.
Price: $59.95

JOOLA Toni Hold Antitop Rubber
JOOLA's original anti spin rubber.
Price: $59.95

JOOLA Badman Reloaded Rubber
"Untreated" long pips with tensor technology for more dwell time.
Price: $59.95

JOOLA Brave Rubber
Next generation Chinese rubber - comes pre-tuned at the factory.
Price: $49.95

JOOLA Energy Green Power Rubber
Built-in Tensor technology-great for flat hitting and mid distance looping.
Price: $49.95

JOOLA Energy X-Soft Rubber
Extremely soft sponge for amplified placement and control.
Price: $49.95

JOOLA Energy Xtra Rubber
Softer sponge than original Energy, but maintains springy catapult effect.
Price: $49.95

JOOLA Express One Rubber
Medium-hard sponge with "Fresh glued" effect for explosive topspin.
Price: $54.95

JOOLA Express Two Rubber
Softer sponge than Express One, but same topsheet for added control.
Price: $54.95

adidas TenZone SF
High performance, speed-based rubber.
Price: $69.95

JOOLA Express Ultra Rubber
Short pips-out with built-in speed glue effect.
Price: $49.95

JOOLA Express X-Soft Rubber
Softest rubber in Express series, but very high throw angle.
Price: $54.95

JOOLA Rhyzm Rubber
Rubber for aggressive topspin.
Price: $54.95

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